Reading Challenge 2018

Seeing as I have all this teacher stuff going on – and I want to have all this writer stuff going on – I decided to go light on my reading challenge this year. However, I’m really blowing through the numbers, so I may have to reevaluate my goal! 2018... Read More

Ever After – Beauty and the Beast

Note: This is a repost as I am condensing all my sites. Here’s my take on the second lesson. I am really learning what I do and don’t like – and that is a good thing. What I liked: The background – I loved melding all those colors together The... Read More

Ever After – Mermaid (2)

Note: This is a repost as I am condensing all my sites down to one. I was so excited about my first attempt that I tried again. I think I like this one better, but I’m very happy with both of them. What I liked: Her hair – She’s got... Read More

Ever After – Mermaid (1)

Note: This is a repost as I move and condense my multiple sites into one. Because I have so much free time (ha!), I decided to join an online art workshop. I’m in several actually, but true to form I get distracted or bored and have trouble getting through them... Read More

Cosmic Mother Goddess

In working through an online workshop, I’ve been refining what can be considered my style. I decided, in this painting, to branch away from the fairy tale to create my own story, my own avatar. I’m pleased to introduce you to The Cosmic Mother Goddess. What I liked: The eyes – They... Read More

Escape the Classroom

And why not? Most of the students are already thinking they wish they could leave. When this semester started, I decided to play a game with my new students. It was a Friday. They had just finished finals. I was positive they didn’t want to listen to ramble about the... Read More

Lessons Learned #2

Apparently, I like to live life dangerously. I have been writing my lessons plans in my planner in ink. I know! Gasp! Today everything I planned on doing for the entire week got shuffled around. It was fine; I adjusted and it will all flow well. Most of the kids wouldn’t... Read More