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Ever After – Mermaid (2)

Note: This is a repost as I am condensing all my sites down to one. I was so excited about my first attempt that I tried again. I think I like this one better, but I’m very happy with both of them. What I liked: Her hair – She’s got... Read More

Ever After – Mermaid (1)

Note: This is a repost as I move and condense my multiple sites into one. Because I have so much free time (ha!), I decided to join an online art workshop. I’m in several actually, but true to form I get distracted or bored and have trouble getting through them... Read More

Cosmic Mother Goddess

In working through an online workshop, I’ve been refining what can be considered my style. I decided, in this painting, to branch away from the fairy tale to create my own story, my own avatar. I’m pleased to introduce you to The Cosmic Mother Goddess. What I liked: The eyes – They... Read More

Escape the Classroom

And why not? Most of the students are already thinking they wish they could leave. When this semester started, I decided to play a game with my new students. It was a Friday. They had just finished finals. I was positive they didn’t want to listen to ramble about the... Read More

Lessons Learned #2

Apparently, I like to live life dangerously. I have been writing my lessons plans in my planner in ink. I know! Gasp! Today everything I planned on doing for the entire week got shuffled around. It was fine; I adjusted and it will all flow well. Most of the kids wouldn’t... Read More

Lessons Learned #1

Having Chromebooks in the classroom is a double edged sword. Our school has a 1:1 initiative. Every student has a Chromebook that they are supposed to bring to class every day. We make heavy use Google classroom and online resources. It is fantastic. However, I recently discovered that my kids... Read More

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

This sermon by Jonathan Edwards, first delivered in 1741, is one of the works of American literature that I have never read before becoming an English teacher. Before teaching the lesson today, I read the sermon several times, both the excerpt used in class as well as the full sermon.... Read More

“Beginnings are always messy.”

Quote by John Galsworth I got the call about two weeks ago. Though I had a master’s degree (in English and creative writing), I hadn’t had much luck getting interviews with the local community colleges. After a while I decided that I would just work on getting a master of... Read More

Learning Literature

I have a confession to make. I haven’t read much American Literature. There. I said it. Beyond what I had to read in college and, of course, modern fiction which can’t quite be called literature, I’ve avoided reading large quantities of the American authors with the possible exception of Poe.... Read More

Packing Light

Tomorrow Malck and I (and my mom) are leaving for a two-week trip with a round trip distance of 2,700 miles. We are driving, and I have a comfortable SUV, so I could pack the car full and take just about anything. But, I’m not going to. First of all,... Read More