For Christmas my son bought me a new video game: RimWorld. I’d seen it on Steam, but had not yet found a reason to buy it for myself. Problem solved.

The game sets three (or more with a simple, free, and recommended mod) survivors on a planet where their attempts at survival are beleaguered (and sometimes assisted) by an AI storyteller that sends in random events. I am in love.

After playing a few seasons in a few different games to get the feel for it, I think I am ready to take on a full game. What better way to fully enjoy this experience than to document it as a story? So, I introduce to you the RimWorld Saga. Hopefully, it will be a long and drawn out dramatic retelling of the events that transpire inside my computer.

I’m off right now to create characters using the Prepare Carefully mod. I’ll be back soon with characters and how they are dealing with the crash landing.

If you are interested in getting RimWorld for yourself, here is the link to get it on Steam (not an affiliate link).

RimWorld logo is the property of Ludeon Studios. No offense intended.