I got in trouble today – all because I like history. And pizza.

Mom and I love to cuddle together on the couch and watch history shows. Well, mom watches them, I mostly sleep. But I hear them. And I learn stuff.

The other day we watched/listened to a show on the history of gargoyles. I thought they were the best thing ever! Guardian statues that scare away bad guys! I decided that I could be a gargoyle. So, I went out through the doggie door and looked for something to perch on. The roof of the house was too high to jump onto. The dog house wasn’t imposing enough. I don’t think I scared anything sitting there.

But, then, I saw the gate to the fence. Daddy had the gate built with big solid pillars of wood. I bet I could jump up there and watch the front yard as well as the back! I was gonna be the best gargoyle ever!

I had to practice my jumps a few times in order to land just right on the wooden pole. I do weigh 120 pounds after all! Finally, I perfected my jump and could make it to the top of the pillar every time. Mom had seen me up there and laughed at me, so I figured I was doing a good job. She even said, “Silly, Kali,” in that warm voice she has. I love mommy’s warm voice.

Not me as a gargoyle,
but just as cute, I think.

Anyway, today, mommy ordered pizza.  I was outside – on patrol – and didn’t know that pizza was coming. When a car pulled up in our yard, I was immediately on guard. No one was going to hurt my family – not while I was protecting them! I jumped down into the front yard and ran to the front door barking all the way. 

It was only after I got to the front steps that I smelled the pizza. I started to jump up and down, hoping the guy would give me a slice. I love pizza. But he ran away back to his car! I barked some more. Finally, mommy came out, said I was being a silly dog (not in her warm voice) and told me to go in the house. I did. But only because I knew mom could handle any trouble from a pizza delivery guy.

Mom brought the pizza in and told me I wasn’t getting any crust because I scared the pizza guy. She also said they weren’t going to deliver pizza to us anymore. I was so sad. Mom felt bad for me and gave me some crust anyway.

I’m sorry they won’t deliver pizza anymore…but if we have to go pick it up, can I go for a ride with you?