Let me start off by saying that I do not want to go Keto. I love carbs. Rice and pasta are my very best friends. Chicken pot pie is my go-to comfort food. I don’t really like fish or pork and I hate avocados.

From this actual exchange between my husband and myself you can see that I’m willing to rationalize any excuse that presents itself.  Currently, it’s the 5th of December and I think it is irresponsible to try and start a low carb diet this close to peroghi and cookie season. So, we will start modifying what we eat slowly and work our way into the Keto diet by January.

Sadly (for me), the books arrived last night. I spent the evening reading through them (instead of grading – hey, anything is better than grading) and discovered that there are some things included in the diet that I will eat. Joy.

Soon, I’ll break down and post all the particulars (height, weight, measurements, etc. for both of us), but I wanted to make this first step in forcing myself forward because I am Reluctantly Going Keto.