I thought you might be interested in learning a little bit about this work in progress, so here is a sample scene and a link to my Pintrest board where I store my inspiration for this work.

Keep in mind this scene may or may not appear in the final version and if it does appear, it will probably be altered in some way.

Assassination Attempt

Their heels clicked in rhythm as Sebastian briskly walked down the marble-tiled hall with his aunt. “It’s not that I don’t believe you, Aunt Nara – Nara,” he corrected at her sharp glance, “but I’m not sure how I’m supposed to pick up where my mother left off without any guidance.”

“That is precisely why you need to stay here for a while. No one will question you taking time off to mourn your mother’s sudden death, may the stars guide her.” The pair turned a corner, leaving the residential part of the estate for a less ornate hallway leading to the landing bay.

“What was she thinking, Nara?”

Nara scowled at her nephew, “Your mother was thinking about the best option for the safety of the empire. She believed that you are that best option. It was certainly a surprise, anyway.”

Sebastian paused, turning to her, “I’m sorry if you feel cheated.”

Nara laughed. “Oh, no, my boyo, Eden loved the intrigue and the power. You can have it. But you need to stay here where I and the others can train you how to use it. You will be no good to anyone if you don’t learn to control your power.”

He smiled and began walking again towards the double doors leading to the landing bay. “So far it’s done nothing but backfire. Perhaps it didn’t work.”

“Besides,” Nara began to speak over him, “it is customary for the queens of the other houses to pay their respects to the new qu-er, ruler. You really should be here to meet with them. It could be a wa-“

Sebastian stopped, an odd sour look on his face. “Nara,” he said, his voice a hushed breath.

Concern crossed her features and she reached out, “What’s wrong? Is it a vision?”

“Nara. Run!” Sebastian grabbed her arm, spinning her around and pushing her ahead of him even as he turned himself and began to run back down the hallway. They had crossed a dozen yards when a massive explosion rocked the building. The double doors to the landing bay exploded inward. The incoming concussive wave knocked them to the ground. Sebastian shielded Nara as best he could. When the last of the splinters fell, he looked down into her frightened eyes. “Are you hurt, Aunt Nara?”

“I don’t think so,” she said, her voice quivering. Sebastian helped her to her feet before brushing the debris from his uniform. “I’ve got to check on the crew int he landing bay. Will you summon help?” He waited for her to nod before running down the hallway toward the gaping hole where the double doors once stood.

Nara watched him dodge debris as he ran at almost a crouch to avoid the heavy roil of smoke coming from the bay. Summoning help was unnecessary. Alarms already rang through the building and she could hear the heavy footsteps of the Duke’s security forces approaching. She touched her hand to a sore spot above her eye and winced when she saw blood on her fingers. “Perhaps this isn’t the safest place for you after all, Sebastian.” She sighed. “Damn you, Eden. What have you begun?”