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This book is for: fans of science fiction.

The Bobiverse Series includes: We are Legion (We are Bob), For We Are Many, and All These Worlds

Bob Johansson is a pretty smart guy – until he gets killed in an almost cringe-worthy coincidental accident as soon as he makes a ton of money and signs up to be cryogenically frozen. Bob wakes from his deep freeze a hundred years later – as an intelligent computer destined to seek out new worlds for human colonization. Humans have, by this point, totally trashed the planet and quite literally need a new place to go in order to survive as a species. The trio of books follows Bob’s exploration and expansion through space, interactions with new friends, old enemies, and other intelligent life forms.

Without giving away the unique quirks of the plot, I will say that this is a great series. Bob, despite being hardware, has all the feels (are we still saying feels?), stays true to his human moral compass, and, in true human fashion, makes mistakes and learns from them. While it is definitely science fiction, I do not think the science is either overwhelming or glossed over. Bob’s dichotomy of having something akin to godlike powers as well as some very human reactions and emotions was particularly well done.

One drawback is that the individual books of the trilogy are not stand alone in any way. The first book simply ends with the reader left wanting. The writing picks up beautifully in the second and third books. Since they are all out now, at least the reader doesn’t have to wait for them, but you really should just buy all three together and take the weekend to listen to the whole trilogy.

Tone: Light, kind of funny, slightly sarcastic (more Old Man’s War than Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

Available on audio and highly recommended in that format.

Bonus: The narrator is FAN-TAS-TIC.