In working through an online workshop, I’ve been refining what can be considered my style. I decided, in this painting, to branch away from the fairy tale to create my own story, my own avatar. I’m pleased to introduce you to The Cosmic Mother Goddess.

What I liked:

  • The eyes – They are gorgeous!
  • The background – There isn’t much of it, but I love the embossed effect
  • The hair – I love the colorful streaks

What I didn’t like:

  • The splatter – I got a little messy with it, but otherwise I like it
  • The size – My original photo sample was small, so I doubled it for this painting; I should have made it smaller though, I would have liked to have more of her cloak in the painting
  • The cloak – I added this mainly to have three items; I like it, but it’s not my best galaxy ever

This painting was made with bits and pieces of advice from the two artists whose lessons I’ve already taken as well as a variety of workshops in the past.

She is made on 140 pound watercolor paper and done mostly in NeoColor II crayons, acrylic paint, glitter paint, glitter glue, markers, and some washi tape. Her cloak contains galaxies and far flung stars, giving her the cosmic part of her divineness. The face is modeled after Fionnula Flanagan. She has streaks of silver in her hair and is supposed to be a wise, older mother. The blue, purple, and teal strands of hair indicate that she is unique and powerful in her individuality.

I’ve been going through developing a renewed sense of purpose lately, so I expect that this painting reflects what I aspire to be. Enjoy.