A friend and I recently took our respective children to see a movie one hot summer afternoon. Being in North Carolina, the temperature soared and we enjoyed the chill of the theater mixed with the sweet and salty snacks and popcorn. On our way back to the car we heard a pitiful whimper.

My son braved the hot asphalt to search under the nearby cars. Finally, he caught sight of a small puppy hiding under an SUV.

Despite his soothing words, the pup was startled and bounded away to hide in the bushes.


It took some time and some food bribes, but we were finally able to secure the pup. We immediately gave him some water and got him checked for a chip at a quick visit with the vet. There was none. (Microchip your pets!)

We took the little guy home and got him settled in a crate. After a bath and some kibble, we set about trying to find the puppy’s owner. We put up flyers, posted on the internet, and contacted the local animal shelter, but no one ever claimed the little guy.


After the required ten day waiting period, I was ready to keep him. I even already had the perfect name picked out: Malcolm Jack, Malck for short. Malck is named after my two favorite captains, Malcolm Reynolds of the Serenity (Firefly) and Captain Jack Harkness (Dr. Who/Torchwood). They are two brave explorers who love adventure. I can already see that he will live up to his name as he travels with me.